Tutorials - Your Breath in Me
  • Over the last year, there’s been a number of weather stories about amazing light pillars caused by ice crystals suspended in the atmosphere. Most of the recorded displays have been captured in the extreme northern areas of the world. As an avid photographer in southern Canada who is particularly intrigued by the northern lights, I’ve sat at my desk drooling over some of the light pillar photos I’ve seen.
  • As an avid photographer who loves shooting the aurora borealis (more commonly known in the northern hemisphere as the northern lights), I sometimes get asked for tips. Being in southwestern Ontario, I don’t have the advantage that many high-latitude sky watchers have, so when the northern lights are out, I want to make the most of it! To save everyone some time, I’ve compiled a summary of everything I’ve learned since I started shooting them back in 2001.
  • It’s May 4th, a day in which many people say, “May for fourth be with you”. (Star Wars reference.) Ironically in the camera world I get asked frequently by my Nikon friends, “So when are coming to the dark side?” (The dark side being Nikon; also a Star Wars reference.) Well, I’m both happy and sad to say that the day has finally arrived. Today I switched my entire camera system to Nikon. (mic drop)