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      If you were dying and you had one last chance to talk with the people that matter most to you, what would you say? If everything was on the line, and nothing was left on the table, what wisdom would you impart?

      Back in 2007, professor Randy Pausch of Carnegie Mellon University learned that he was dying from pancreatic cancer. Taking on a tradition held by academics, he delivered “one last lecture” to a group of about 400 colleagues and students.

      My name is Ray Majoran, and this website (featuring my books, commentary, and photography) is my last lecture. May you be encouraged, strengthened, inspired, and challenged by it.

      In Christ,

      Ray Majoran

      Ray Majoran
      John 3:30

      Ray Majoran

      My Life. My Journey.

      Ray Majoran - Landscapes

      Ray Majoran - Landscapes

      Ray Majoran - Landscapes

      My Case for God. My Case for Christ.

      My plea to Christians. My hope for the church.


      Over the last number of years, I've had the opportunity to spend time in India and Nepal. As part of that journey, I created a 160-page photo-driven book featuring many of the people and places I encountered along the way. Check out the book on Compassion Gallery, a fine art photography project created by myself, and long-time friend, Brian Klassen.

      unOblivious - A photographic journal by Ray Majoran

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      Ray Majoran - Landscapes

      Ray Majoran - Portraits


      Ray Majoran - Landscapes


      A HUGE Thank You to everyone who supported our Compassion Gallery Kickstarter campaign.  Because of your support, we made our goal! May God be glorified through Compassion Gallery as we seek to honor Him.

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