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Mavis, the late mother of my stepdad, Bill, was a wonderful woman. One summer, a car hit Mavis, leaving her lower body so badly damaged that she was unable to walk. 

About six months after the accident, during a heat wave in Toronto, my grandparents invited Mavis to stay with them for the weekend so that she could enjoy their air conditioning.

Every week, my grandma hosted a small prayer group and on that Saturday, they decided they were going to pray for Mavis. 

Hannah and another lady were in attendance. Although Mavis was unable to stand on her own, she was able to do so with the assistance of crutches.

They formed a circle around Mavis and prayed. 

In the words of my grandma, “Mavis got knocked right off her feet. I thought she was going to go through the living room window. God protected her, and under ordinary circumstances, she would have gone right through the window. She just dropped to the floor and didn’t know what happened.” 

I was in the house at the time and knew something had happened. Mavis got up off the floor and began walking. 

Later that night, my mom, Bill, Mavis and I left my grand-parents’ house, but unlike when we had arrived, Mavis was walking.

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